The Decode Podcast.

Dig in while Jase deconstructs success down to its core elements, so that you can use those same elements to build your success!


How To Have Your Social Media Accounts Pay For Your Dream Life with The Tannerites!

Today I went deep into how to make it on social media with Johnny and Sarah Tanner of the Tannerites and YAWIvlogs channels! We talked about how to come up with and stick to your why and how to withstand the ups and downs...

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Decoding The Tiny House Movement and how to make a fortune by joining!

Today I had a great conversation with Brian Hawkins of the Tiny House Movement or otherwise known as @TinyHouseMovement on Instagram. We dug into his research on using tiny homes as investments, as accessory dwellings, and as primary residences. We then went over the...

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How I got a brand new startup into COSTCO selling MILLIONS worth of my product!

I have been asked thousands of times, how I got my action sports company into Costco.  It is a great story filled with many business principles that I hope I can properly convey in this episode.  This text will be short because I am...

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Your product idea is a million dollar brand! Thiefaine Magre & I decode the process and tell you how!

Todays guest Thiefaine Magre and I go over his story! Working international banking in 2013 to creating product lines for multiple fortune and inc 500 companies in less than 5 years! Have you ever wanted to create a physical product? Have you wondered how?...

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How to Create Your Own Smart Passive Income Business with Pat Flynn

Have you ever wondered how to take the jump into your own entrepreneurial venture? Have you worried about things like security (myth), insurance, benefits etc etc etc? Today Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Podcast and I dive deeper into his story and...

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How To set up a Lifestyle Business that doesn’t own you with Richie Norton

Jase Bennet here with another epic dialogue with Richie Norton! We are sitting in a recording studio at Vid Summit talking about entrepreneurship while watching scores of video creators walk by!  Richie and I have owned multiple businesses and have partnered on multiple ventures...

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