04: 1 billion views on YouTube in 3 years!! Rachel Bennett of The Ohana Adventure tells us “how to”!

Rachel Bennett of The Ohana Adventure shares with us her strategies, tips and tricks on how she made it through the fray and created a billion times viewed youtube network with her family!

She started her channel 3 years ago as a mommy channel! She shared tips, tricks and stories with her slowly growing audience. A few of the videos started gaining traction 9 months after her first upload.  It felt like forever and the first paycheck was for $250 after uploading 306 episodes!

Once she started noticing the traction coming through her YouTube channel analytics she looked into the demographics and viewer patterns and pivoted the content accordingly! This pivoting has been a monthly or even a weekly occurrence to make sure she has stayed up to date with the current trends and algorithmic favorings!

The real pivot happened when she was able to start hiring editors and adding a team to support her in the day to day tasks associated with creating, shooting, editing and uploading content to the web.  Once more of the mundane tasks were covered she was able to dig deeper into her creativity and the channel started to thrive on an entirely new level.  She was gaining almost 5 million views per day between a few of the family channels.

Tune in and take a listen and hopefully you are able to see how you can create your own video empire just like Rachel did!


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Rachel Bennett

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