Decoding The Tiny House Movement and how to make a fortune by joining!

Today I had a great conversation with Brian Hawkins of the Tiny House Movement or otherwise known as @TinyHouseMovement on Instagram. We dug into his research on using tiny homes as investments, as accessory dwellings, and as primary residences. We then went over the pros and cons of building your own DIY tiny home! goodness were are loads of both!

We had a blast talking about the pit falls and plusses of each style of tiny home. Are you able to get more than one bedroom into a container home? How big can you really build a (THOW) tiny home on wheels? What permits do you need? What zoning is required to place the home as a primary residence, accessory dwelling or complex of multiple rental homes? We go over all of this while we deconstruct the success of this up and coming affordable housing option!


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