Episode 01: The Elementary School Entrepreneur! Introduction to your host Jase Bennett

I have been an entrepreneur since I was in elementary school selling pencils. I continued in Jr. Highschool with apparel and Highschool with car audio. This led to my closest friends betting me $100 that I’d have to get a job by 30yrs old. I turn 40 soon and I still have not clocked in to another persons business. This episode goes over the path I took that lead to me following the advice That I gained from Jim Rohn. “work full time on paying your bills and part time on building your fortune!”

My entire life has been obsessed with progress! I wats taught early on in my life that i needed to work before play and that always stayed with me. Not in the way you would think either! It made me wan to turn work into play! It made me change the way I talked about going to “play” (work) when our businesses were located outside of our home.


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