03: Starting EPIC Stupid businesses with Richie Norton!

Richie Norton and I are serial entrepreneurs and have partnered on more ventures than I can count over the past 14 years! I know it sounds crazy but we have loved finding needs and offering solutions! This episode goes over what, when, why, and how we set up and chose each of these businesses and how we made them succeed!

First off Natalie Norton started bringing me clients (college students) in 2005 from BYU-Hawaii and I would take them to the dealerships I had contracts through and sell them cars.  This was all happening while Rachel Bennett (my wife) was operating our retail store in Laie Hawaii!

After that Richie and I started doing personal finance courses behind our retail shop in a make shift conference room that quickly got too small and was moved to the local elementary school with almost 100 attendees on the first Tuesday of each month.

We then started transitioning these families into our real estate company and in the recession of 2008 we were able to sell homes that would not have been available to all of these families that we had helped to gain credit, build savings accounts and to be ready to purchase a home.  20+ vacation homes in our local community were able to be sold and then purchased by local families and we couldn’t have been happier!

Fast forward another year and i drove over Richie’s sons skateboard and snapped it! I then built him a replacement and had so much fun doing it that I thought I could somehow get them into Costco… it was a crazy dream but Richie asked me ,when I said i might not try it, if I would regret not trying when I was old and grey! (80 years old) I responded saying that I would totally regret not trying.

Well, hopefully you know that story…. if not go back to episode 1

in 2015 Richie and I decided to partner up again and started PROUDUCT

this is where we will break! the next episode will be on how we started and are now currently running our lifestyle business PROUDUCT!


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