How To set up a Lifestyle Business that doesn’t own you with Richie Norton

Jase Bennet here with another epic dialogue with Richie Norton! We are sitting in a recording studio at Vid Summit talking about entrepreneurship while watching scores of video creators walk by!  Richie and I have owned multiple businesses and have partnered on multiple ventures and projects. We have been through the ups and downs of life and needed a second episode to really dig deeper into this conversation.  If this is your first episode please go back to episode 3 and listen to richie and I go over our origin stories while atop a skyscraper in China first and then you will have all of the best info and be able to dig in and apply these principles better!

along our paths we had businesses that owned us and we had businesses that we owned but didn’t have the freedom we had hoped for. We had learned our lessons and applied what we had learned from our earlier ventures and created prouduct. Prouduct creates physical product lines for digital creators.  we have been able to run this business from our cell phones for the past 5 years and it has been an amazing ride! We will also go into the concepts and definitions of wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and each of their differences.

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